Work With Me to Build Your Private Wealth | #LikeAWoman

About Monica


Why Do I Do It

  • To  see women own outright 51% of the worlds money.


I Am On A Mission

To help women take the lead in economic growth by providing financial clarity through proven processes that deliver results.


My System

My focus area is growing your private wealth: My solution entails:

  1. Financial Confidence
  2. Private Wealth Education

I help women ride the waves of exponential growth for their private wealth ...#LikeAWoman

Growing Up


As the youngest of 15 children and a tomboy at that, I quickly realized in my youth that only I could cast off all of the limitations and labels that people tried to place on me. Vulnerability was not a luxury I could afford if I ever wanted to have the basic things a child wants. 

Fast forward to adulthood, and that deeply rooted belief enables me to help women who want to rise above the noise and reach new levels of success and wealth.

Raised by a strong mother who helped other women start and run their businesses, I was brought up to live up to a higher responsibility -- with an aspiration to exist in a world where women champion other women. That is why I constantly attract women who share in this vision. 

It’s just how I was raised. 

I do it without thinking.

It is ingrained in me as naturally as a competitive runner’s fast-twitch muscle reacts to the demands of a sprint. She spends a lifetime of training to prepare for one race, and I believe my lifetime prepared me to coach you on yours.